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Friends, I need some help correcting a distortion…

Friends, I need some help correcting a distortion.
When you “call a fraud a fraud” that is the members of that 1% that-cause-harm-without-skin-in-the-game the strategy has been to turn your message into its exact opposite, something misanthropic “if he hates me, an economist-journalist-fragilista-modernity advocate, it means he hates everybody”. Or “if he hates modernity, he is a haughty elitist” the exact opposite of the true message that holds the nobility & independence of “those who make a living stanfing up or lying down”.
The corruption of the message has been largely controlled with ANTIFRAGILE. But people are still doing it with Bed of Procrustes.So I would welcome some contribution to the comments to dispel the cognitive dissonance there. Thanks!

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