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Something poorly understood about skeptical philosophers…

Something poorly understood about skeptical philosophers (Hume, Sextus Empiricus, Huet, Montaigne, Pyrrho & the Pyrrhonian skeptics) is that their skepticism tends to be directed at contemporary experts, rather than traditions, which they tend to follow as a default strategy. And the crowds against which they stand up are the crowds of “experts”, or the masses infatuated with “expert” driven ideas.


[ Note 1- This is in response to a question by Adam Gurri who was wondering whether there was an inconsistency between being independent and skeptical, yet respecting the “inner” information in the time-tested thanks to the Lindy Effect.]

[Note 2- The “skeptics” of today do the exact opposite: an agglomeration of “light” intellectuals going against traditions but not against experts.]

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