ANTIFRAGILITY of REPUTATION: One of the benefits of the ongoing and motivated demonizing by members of the ICIHWI, the International Confederation of Empty Suits Inflicting Harm With Impunity, (finance journalists/academics, bureaucrato-risk “experts”, etc.) is that I am getting messages by readers of the sort “It looks like your book is worth reading IN SPITE of ego/style/personality/organization” which I translate as “Your book is worth reading BECAUSE of <same>…”

Cognitive dissonance works for self-perception (making someone feel he is not a fraud by demonizing messengers), but not to the outside. Transforming someone “who calls a fraud a fraud” into an “egomaniac” is certainly harmful for one’s social life (assuming people don’t know him in person), but has benefits for a book: nobody wants to read books by/have a dinner conversation with/ colorless textbookwriting nutty professors with a “well organized” discourse.

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