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Nassim Taleb & Russ Roberts Live at the PowerHouse — Wednesday, November 28, 7-9PM

Wednesday, November 28, 7–9 PM

The powerHouse Arena · 37 Main Street (corner of Water & Main St.) · DUMBO, Brooklyn

For more information, please call 718.666.3049


International bestseller Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan) drops by powerHouse Arena to celebrate the launch of Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder: a look at how stress and tension lead to healthy societies. Russ Roberts will join the author in conversation. The $15 ticket price can be applied towards purchase of the featured title.

via Book Launch: Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb — Wednesday, November 28, 7-9PM.

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