To find a genuine researcher…

To find a genuine researcher, a first remove those industrious persons doing it for career ambitions, promotion, these things that are commendable elsewhere and treat them as if they didn’t exist, and throw their work in the garbage as unusable. b Then remove those doing research because they like it or even love it – research is not about your own personal rewards and enjoyment and the mere fact that the researcher enjoys doing it is highly suspicious. Let them get into the arts or something similar, and, again, ditch their work as epistemologically suspicious. c At the end those left are the ones doing research against their own grain, their own interests and tastes, and hate it, dislike every aspect of of the activity, can’t stand their results and what they are finding: they just do it because of a bizarre sense of responsibility that forces them to deal with metaproblems, I repeat, an activity they never enjoy. These are the only people whose thinking you can trust.

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