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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Friends, a graphical presentation of ANTIFRAGILE

Get it while it’s hot! (I do not save local copies to the site. If NNT removes the link, it’s gone.) Friends, a graphical presentation of ANTIFRAGILE one of 3 appendices. Hope it is clear via Friends, a… | Facebook.

The web’s main benefit…

The web’s main benefit is forcing the perishable to perish quickly; more generally, high-speed modernity forces the fragile to break quickly. [REVISED] via The web’s main… | Facebook.

It took me a lifetime…

It took me a lifetime to realize that what grows freely (organically) tends to be fractal. via It took me a… | Facebook.

Any doctor in the room?

Any doctor in the room?JENSEN’S INEQUALITY IN MEDICINE CHAP 21I’ve found very few medical papers making use of nonlinearity by applying Jensen’s inequality to medical problems, in spite of the ubiquity of nonlinear responses in biology. I am generous, I actually only found a single one , thanks to Eric Briys, and a single one […]


CHAPTER ON EDUCATION Self directed scholarship has an aesthetic dimension. For a long time I had on the wall of my study the following quote by Jacques Le Goff, the great French medievalist, who believes that the Renaissance came out of independent humanists, not professional scholars. He examined the striking contrast in period paintings, drawings […]