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Nassim Taleb CNBC Big Government, Big Business Both Evil

“They’re trying to change the wrong variables,” he said. “Instead of changing models or accepting limitations on their models, they have an idea in their head and the world has to fit to it.”

HatTip to Dave Lull

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  1. David L. wrote:

    Very good interview, hope Taleb keeps on writing, and discussing philosophy, and yes support the little guy, how else did we ever get anything done, and yes I’m just a kid, what do I know, or realise.Clearly, Taleb is a creative genius though, although borrowed ideas always remain.

    Thanks for the comment David. I’m only a little bit concerned that it might be another five years before we get another book. And in another recent interview NNT said he much prefers his library to being out in public so, I won’t be surprised if after this book promoting is done we won’t be seeing much of Mr. Taleb.

    Friday, December 17, 2010 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

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