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Danny Kahneman at TED Experience vs. Memory

Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory

Update March 2010. From the February 2010 Ted talks.

Audio Only.

This is such a great talk. I’m now being able to apply Danny’s insights. I don’t trust my remembering self
and so don’t bias future experience, i.e. when the thought of a specific task, chore or other responsibility
causes a negative reaction, I don’t value it. Because what I’m finding is that, by and large, my memory of
negative experiences is worse than the experience itself.

Also, when a situation is about to come to a close, but it’s ending badly, I’ll extend the experience long
enough that the last thing that happens isn’t negative. For example, this morning I was awoken by a
loud noise a neighbor was making. Rather than get up angry and frustrated, I stayed in bed. The noise
ended shortly thereafter and I managed to get another 10 minute cat nap. I woke up refreshed and with
the sense I’d had a good night sleep.

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