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For the nonorganic…

For the nonorganic, noncomplex, say an object on the table, equilibrium happens in a state of inertia. For something organic, equilibrium is synonym to death. [Chapter on Political Volatility] via For the nonorganic,… | Facebook.

The continuation of Seneca’s asymmetry

[Unfortunately the link is broken. I don’t have the pdf and NNT is pretty clear about not sharing the documents he posts to anyway.] The continuation of Seneca’s asymmetry: “Fragility is the new blue”. I need to find the person who wrote it to give proper credit. via The continuation of… | Facebook.

The entire idea of via negativa…

The entire idea of via negativa is that omission [avoidance of harm, removal of drugs, corn syrup, cigarettes, gluten, carbs by fasting, gym instructors, tail risks, etc.] does not have side effects and branching chains of unintended consequences -hence robust. But big corporations [evil pharma, pepsi] and consultants cannot make money from removing; they only […]

End Deposit Insurance, Not Bonuses – By Reihan Salam – The Agenda – National Review Online

[Another commentary and rebuttal to NNT’s recent NYT ‘End Bonuses for Bankers’ piece. Again, it would be nice if these articles were based on the larger context of NNT’s entire Bailout commentary rather than a single opinion piece. JH] End deposit insurance: a simple heuristic for a complex problem. Taleb of all people should appreciate […]

No, Wall Street Bonuses Aren’t Destroying the Economy – Daniel Indiviglio – Business – The Atlantic

Going Back to the Partnership StructureTaleb suggests that investment banks go back to what they used to look like a few decades ago — where they were partnerships instead of publicly traded companies. This idea does have some attractive features, as the employees all share in the losses. But that also makes it somewhat unattractive […]