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The Secret of Fatima

The Secret of Fatima 5.0 out of 5 stars James Bond as a Catholic Priest, April 5, 2016 Review By N N Taleb This review is from: The Secret of Fatima (Kindle Edition) Masterly! This is the page turner par excellence; every new page brings some surprise and it was impossible for me to put […]

Exploring the Practice of Antifragility

Hello, Really appreciate . . . During 2015, as a group of practitioners who use “antifragility” we hosted a number of panel/webinar conversations regarding Antifragility (Practice Beyond the Rhetoric!) . . . To continue expanding the community as well as sharing/learning from one another, we have *just* published an Amazon Kindle eBook entitled […]

Celibacy, Data, Inequality and Wealth, Kilkenomics

CELIBACY and SKIN IN THE GAME (Facebook) Imagine working for a corporation that produces secret harm to the collective, in hiding cancer-causing risk which kills the thousands but is not (yet) fully visible. You can alert the public, but would automatically lose your job and there is a gamble that the company’s evil scientists would […] N N Taleb “Nassim Nicholas Taleb”‘s review of Collected Fictions

From NNT’s Amazon book review of Borges’s “Collected Fictions“ How literature and philosophy can be saved by parables, September 16, 2015 By N N Taleb “Nassim Nicholas Taleb” This review is from: Collected Fictions (Paperback) This is something very hard to find, almost by definition: a literary writer who thinks in abstract terms (the only […]

Daniel Kahneman: ‘What would I eliminate if I had a magic wand? Overconfidence’ | The Guardian

“I’m far on the left of the spectrum in Israeli politics and always have been,” he says. “I hated the notion of occupation since the very beginning. My first memories from after the 67 war are travelling with my children in the occupied territories. There were awnings over groceries stores with Hebrew lettering advertising Osem […]