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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Автор теории «черного лебедя» назвал причины для инвестиций в Россию Подробнее на РБК |

(Google translated) The author of the theory of “black swan” named reasons for investment in Russia Alexander Krasnov Russia has the ability to “go through hell and survived,” and this makes it less fragile than other countries, said American economist Nassim Taleb in a lecture at the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo” Economist Nassim Taleb […] N N Taleb “Nassim Nicholas Taleb”‘s review of Collected Fictions

From NNT’s Amazon book review of Borges’s “Collected Fictions“ How literature and philosophy can be saved by parables, September 16, 2015 By N N Taleb “Nassim Nicholas Taleb” This review is from: Collected Fictions (Paperback) This is something very hard to find, almost by definition: a literary writer who thinks in abstract terms (the only […]

Monsanto, Greek Orthodox, Panic, Syria Nitpicking is the unmistakable mark of cluelessness. — Taleb Bot (@TalebBot) September 4, 2015 Monsanto kept pushing the balloon under water for years using devious schemes. The Black Swan usually comes quickly. — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) September 13, 2015 Which sorts of explains why we sort of […]

NNT Search Engine!

Stanislav Yurin has rebooted his Nassim Taleb search engine and added features. You can search through NNT’s entire Facebook public forum, or restrict your search to an individual author. Very impressed. Thanks Stanislav! URL is or click on the owl!

An Uberized education is when…

An Uberized education is when –as in antiquity — one goes to a specific teacher to get lectures, bypassing the university. The students and the teachers are thus matched. If a piece of paper is necessary, it would be given by *that* teacher, or a group of teachers. It is not too different from the […]