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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Lance Armstrong:..

Lance Armstrong: There is something highly offensive about exploiting cancer survival, making an industry out of it; in addition to making such a survival an accomplishment. Quite disheartening to those no less worthy but who will not be capable of overcoming the disease.For obvious reasons, I am entitled to comment on the subject. via Lance […]

A government stating…

A government stating “we will not stand idle in front of atrocities committed by foreign dictator xxx” is typically trying to mitigate the guilt for standing idle in front of more atrocities committed by xxx. via Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

The optimal solution to being independent…

The optimal solution to being independent and upright while remaining a social animal is: to seek first your own self-respect and, secondarily and conditionally, that of others, provided your external image does not conflict with your own self-respect. Most people get it backwards and seek the admiration of the collective and something called “a good […]

Public & powerful figures…

Public & powerful figures tend to get admiration in inverse proportion to proximity; happy are those at the bottom of the ladder who have it the other way. via Public & powerful… | Facebook.

The secret to success in the arts | Felix Salmon

Seems the paper NNT published the other day Spurious Tail.pdf is causing quite a stir. A lot of it [Time, CNBC, WSJ] is just so much financial news filler, but certainly a Felix Salmon post deserves our attention.  The professions you really want to avoid, after reading Taleb’s paper, are not financial but rather creative. […]