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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Nassim Nicholas Taleb の "Fooled by Randomness" を(すでに図書館で借りて読んでるんだけどいつでも好きな時に参照できるようにと)思い切って購入した。経済書に分類されているが経済に関わらずあらゆる示唆に富む名著だと思う。

Nassim Nicholas Taleb の "Fooled by Randomness" を(すでに図書館で借りて読んでるんだけどいつでも好きな時に参照できるようにと)思い切って購入した。経済書に分類されているが経済に関 / Comment / Opinion – Time to tackle the real evil: too much debt

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Think I missed this. From July, 2009
The core of the problem, the unavoidable truth, is that our economic system is laden with debt, about triple the amount relative to gross domestic product that we had in the 1980s. This does not s…

A Skill Game With Random Elements – Poker, Life, You Name It!

  Jason Calacanis (Jason and NNT actually met at Edge Master Class 2009) is a serial entrepreneur currently the founder of  He also hosts, a weekly online tv show featuring interviews with web entrepreneurs. But he also plays poker. So he invited professional poker player Annie Duke onto the show for a special […]

Opacity – NNT

HatTip to Dave Lull
           117- Postscript to The Black Swan (second edition, paperback inUS): Where I Lose All Inhibitions and State That It Is The MostRelevant Problem in the History of Thought Until The Black Swan (…

Derivatives Strategy – April'97: The Jorion-Taleb Debate

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From 1997!
Against VARBy Nassim TalebPhilippe Jorion is perhaps the most credible member of the pro-VAR camp. I will answer his criticism while expanding on some of the more technicalstatements I made during the interview (Derivative…