The entire idea of via negativa…

The entire idea of via negativa is that omission [avoidance of harm, removal of drugs, corn syrup, cigarettes, gluten, carbs by fasting, gym instructors, tail risks, etc.] does not have side effects and branching chains of unintended consequences -hence robust. But big corporations [evil pharma, pepsi] and consultants cannot make money from removing; they only benefit from adding.

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  1. Adam Clayman

    That’s simply not true. Omission can and often does have severe dangerous side effects. For example, if you describe 20th century omitting WWI and WWII, including the rebirth of widescale forced human slavery in the Third Reich, you’ll walk away with a dangerously lop-sided view of the march of multiculturals in history.

  2. Adam Clayman

    Describe the history of the 20th century without making reference to genocide, ethnocide, or nuclear war.

    What have you then?

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