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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The capacity for boredom…

The capacity for boredom is the most underestimated of all human assets. via The capacity for… | Facebook.

People tend to…

People tend to whisper when they say the truth and raise their voice when they lie. via People tend to… | Facebook.

Bryan Appleyard» Caption Contest 1

Bryan Appleyard is requesting caption ideas for a photo that includes NNT. My favorite so far… “Sorry, Sir, the chicken’s off today. Chef recommends the charred fillet of swan…” via Bryan Appleyard » Blog Archive » Caption Contest 1.HatTip to Dave Lull

So When Is Oversee Going To Let Customers Of Moniker/ Know They Have Been Sold? | The Domains

In addition to being a blogger I’m a domainer that has multiple accounts at and an account at where I spend six figures a year, but to date I haven’t received a email from either or telling me as a customer that the sites have been sold. Not an email. Not […]

Nassim Taleb: Ban Tesco bonuses | The Spectator

Great stuff! And a hilarious illustration. HatTip to Dave Lull. 8) Tesco should be banned from paying bonuses. Here’s his argument: that that bailouts introduce the idea of unspoken government insurance — a very valuable policy, a safety net being provided for free to firms deemed ‘too big to fail’. He argues in Black Swan […]