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Why Each One Should Eat His Own Turtles: Equality in Uncertainty | Medium

Why Each One Should Eat His Own Turtles: Equality in Uncertainty It was said that a group of fishermen caught a large number of turtles. After cooking them, they found out at the communal meal that these sea animals were much less edible that they thought: not many members of the group were willing to […]

Commencement Address, American University in Beirut, 2016

Full speech here: Commencement Address, American University in Beirut, 2016 Greed and fear are teachers. I was like people with addictions who have a below average intelligence but were capable of the most ingenious tricks to procure their drugs. When there was risk on the line, suddenly a second brain in me manifested itself and […]

‘My Friend’, Turkey, STALIN, GMOs, Arguing, Scale Dependent Properties, SKIN IN THE GAME | Facebook

Nothing can be both boring and truly important. 7/29/16 To perpetuate a lie, you must whisper it, not shout it. 7/27/16 _______________________________________________________ The expression “my friend”: for a name dropper, it is anyone important; for a politician, anyone who does not vote against him/her; for regular people, a friend; in the mob, “a friend of […]

Silent Risk, Pascal’s Wager, Baal, Skin In the Game, Trump, Clinton-Malmaison, Gary Ruskin, Popper

AN INVITATION TO CONTRIBUTE (Facebook) Friends, I promised to deliver in the next few hours a discussion of the most neglected fragilities and the most overestimated risks. We can tell fragility when we see it… but we first need to look at it. I won’t say for now what I came up with but would […]

Ralph Nader, Skin In The Game, Getting Caught, Is The Pope Atheist, Flaneur, Russia Bombs Someone who regrets doing something wrong *after* being caught is mostly regretting having been caught. — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 4, 2015 Is the pope atheist? — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 5, 2015 Could we end up with some anti-nonindependent Trump-Sanders alliance? @DavidBCollum — NassimNicholasTaleb (@nntaleb) October 6, 2015 Now the NYT has caught on the […]