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Trump makes sense to a grocery store owner | The Hindu

Full article: Trump makes sense to a grocery store owner Where do you see the world moving now? Further right, or will it revert to the centre? I don’t think it will go left or right, and I don’t know about the short term. But I think in the long term, the world can only […]

Gad Saad, SITG, SaudiBarbaria, Michael Flynn, Christmas in Aleppo, Salafascists, Linda Problem, Arthur De Vany | Twitter

@nntaleb Barack Hussain Obama: Created 10 Tr debt for ~11 m jobs Left us w/0000 more terrorists; he FUNDED AlQaeda. All talk. Permalink 6:43 PM – 27 Dec 2016 @nntaleb One of the 2 papers debunking measures of inequality   Permalink 2:52 PM – 27 Dec 2016 @nntaleb I just published “Inequality and […]

The Syrian War Condensed: A more Rigorous Way to Look at the Conflict | Medium

Full article: The Syrian War Condensed: A more Rigorous Way to Look at the Conflict Note 1. Assad father’s operatives blew up my house in Amioun when my grandfather, then MP, voted for Bashir. In Skin in the Game I discuss this as “acting against one’s interest” (the opposite of conflict of interest). So as […]

Nice/Nasty, Inequality, SITG, P-Hacking, Easter, Syria, Palmyra, Shillary, Trump, Saunders | Twitter

@nntaleb My rule: when people are nice, I am twice as nice to them. When nasty, a thousand times nastier. @lakens @sothisispietro Permalink 11:44 AM – 28 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Friends, need to find errors in this paper before posting on ArXiv. Busts current measurement of inequality   Permalink 7:49 AM – 28 Mar […]

Arabization, Umayyads, Professional Shills, Decision Theory, SITG, Monsanto, Socialites | Twitter

@nntaleb 2/2 Likewise Abbaside Califs favored settlement of Jews in Baghdad for Arabization because unlike Persians or Chaldeans, Jews were “Arabs”. Permalink 7:57 AM – 2 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Where we learn the Umayyads helped Jews settle in coastal Levant to displace Byzantines settlers/traders.(free PDF)   Permalink 7:51 AM – 2 Mar 2016 @nntaleb […]