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Kasparov, Gingrich, Monsanto, IQ, Fat Tony, Genius, An Inconsiderate Man | Twitter

@nntaleb New version of my paper on power laws with stochastic exponent   Permalink 5:14 PM – 4 Apr 2017 @nntaleb 2) Actually there is a heuristic, my days: “A good chess player makes a sharp trader. An excellent chess player makes a dumb trader.” Permalink 7:13 AM – 4 Apr 2017 @nntaleb Garry […]

Stewart Brand, Stony Brook, Arnold Kling, Zika, GMOs, Mean Deviation, Ahiqar, Fat Tony, The Next Subprime

@nntaleb GMO: @stewartbrand & @mark_lynas are sub-clueless about risk, science… Our latest @mosicr Permalink 6:19 PM – 14 Apr 2016 @nntaleb “With animals you make up quality w/quantity; a good human is superior to a thousand” @GhassanDahhan Permalink 6:11 PM – 14 Apr 2016 @nntaleb – “Mr T., can you read an […]

Fat Tony, BS Vendors, Class Warfare, Cronyism, Dakhilak, Peter Frankopan, GMOs | Twitter

@nntaleb Fat Tony, how can I be less unsuccesful? -have no prsonl assstnt/sectry -But then I can’t schedule meetings, answer mail -That’s the point. Permalink 6:51 PM – 14 Feb 2016 @nntaleb No worries: the courage & military prowess of the prediabetic pple of SaudiBarbaria limits to terrorism: just unarmed civilians as in Sept11 Permalink […]

The only noteworthy correction I made in the 1900 pages of the INCERTO

The only noteworthy correction I made in the 1900 pages of the INCERTO, written over 18 years, which should come out as single unit: “To Benoit Mandelbrot, a Greek among Romans” [The Black Swan, 2007] to “To Benoit Mandelbrot, a Roman among Greeks” As I came to realize that the Romans were noBS FatTonies; they […]

The Lebanese Method | The Majalla Magazine

Taleb argues that we are built to be fooled by theories. He says, “Theories come and go, experience stays.” Fat Tony trusts experience and, in one anecdote, becomes rich in 1991 when he bets against the experts who believe the price of oil will rise with the first Gulf War. The theory is that a […]