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Piketty, Schmugman, Qatar, Dawkins, British Airways, Saudi Arabia | Twitter

@LorenzoWVilla Very nice ‘probability’ problem from @CutTheKnotMath (  ): see below @nntaleb ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 9:50 AM – 12 Jun 2017 @nntaleb In other words, methods used to state that people & investors underestimate tail events by psychologists and economists are severely flawed.   Permalink 6:02 AM – 12 Jun 2017 @nntaleb The empirical […]

Donaldo, Dawkins, Golf, Ken Wilson, E.O. Wilson, ghee, tikka

nntaleb Where at a reception, I am caught “running after the man with the tulsi aur kali mirch ka paneer tikka”. #ETGBS /nntaleb/status/693203120424247296 2:44 PM – 29 Jan 2016 nntaleb Worth investigating; extremely worhty of investigation. /nntaleb/status/693201764078612480 2:39 PM – 29 Jan 2016 nntaleb Delhi #ETGBS. Best tasting bread with ghee, unexplainably good. […]

Nassim Taleb on the Errors of Richard Dawkins and of Intervening in Syria.

A few weeks back, see, Richard Dawkins caused a bit of controversy when he claimed that Trinity College has produced more Nobel Laureates than the entire Muslim world has been able to muster. As it turns out, Trinity College has also produced more Nobel winners than all of femininity combined, or of all of China […]

Richard Dawkins, in his statement about the number of Nobels granted to Moslems…

Richard Dawkins, in his statement about the number of Nobels granted to Moslems, showed a total ignorance of probability. A primitive violation. You never get an idea about the mean from measuring the tail (number of Nobels per capita). The “tail”, the extreme, depends mostly on the variance and is very sensitive in the mean. […]