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Skin In The Game, Pinker, Lecktchurs, Gad Saad, journos | Twitter

 Audio Only (Right Click to Download): My Chat With Nassim Taleb A discussion with his Gadness @GadSaad about Skin in the Game. Gad understands costly signaling & ecological rationality & doesn't dumb down. My best video discussions ever, one of the two best discussions (other coming Monday with @econtalk (econtawk) — Nassim Nicholas Taleb […]

Explaining both the XIV trade and why forecasting is BS | Youtube

N N Taleb’s Probability Moocs Published on Feb 10, 2018 Antifragile explains why understanding x is different from f(x) the payoff or exposure from x. Most of the harm/gains come from f(x) being convex or concave not understanding x. Forecasting is off an average, and average is for academics and other morons. This video illustrates […]

Jouer sa peau | How to write Lebanese (in Lebanese) | Weak and Strong Non-Ergodicities – Youtube

Nassim Taleb on Black Monday, Fed, Market Lessons | Bloomberg

Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance Published on Oct 16, 2017 Oct.16 — The Black Monday crash was 30 years ago this week. “Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb was a trader for First Boston at the time. He made a lot of money while others lost fortunes. He recounts the experience with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker.